when I choosed the Debugger 'Connect only', the Debug can not click

when I choosed the Debugger 'Connect only', the Debug can not click

But the Debugger is ok


  • Hi Ven,

    The debug button is disabled since this setup could potentially cause an error upon connection. To explain, it looks like a file has been specified to be downloaded to the target. When you select Connect only, the debugger will not attempt to stop the processor, so in the scenario that the CPU is running upon connect the application will fail to load to the target. For this reason the Debug button is disabled. Note the error is highlighted by the red square in the Files tab, and the Error message shown at the top of the screenshot.

    When you select Debug from entry point or Debug from main, the debugger will 1) Connect 2) Stop the processor if it's not stopped 3) Load the application and debug symbols specified in the Files tab and 4) set the program pointer to the correct locatation main or the entry point of the image.

    If you do want to use the Connect only option, then you can load the image by specifying the appropriate load command in the "Execute debugger commands" box - you may want to add a stop command before the load command.

    Best regards,

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