DSTREAM MIPI 60pin Adapter

I'd like to use the DSTREAM for a TI EVMK2H board which I believe only exposes a 60pin MIPI connector.

The website [1] lists 60-pin MIPI as a supported target connector via optional adapter. Could I get description or URL for such an adapter?

[1] developer.arm.com/.../dstream

  • DSTREAM is a rather old product, and so an adapter was subsequently built to support this connector. I'm not sure what particular documentation exists for it, but if you have already purchased DSTREAM, you can request the adapter from your point of sale.

    FYI the new DSTREAM-PT will support this connector by default. If you have not yet purchased tools, I would _strongly_ recommend using this hardware, in conjunction with Arm Development Studio. DSTREAM-PT will be available from April.

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