Failed to create Jython interpreter


I am new to DS-5 and trying to finish the first tutorial below.

At 3-f in the tutorial, I've got the error message "Failed to create Jython interpreter".

Are there any prerequisites for connecting debugging session?

What Jython.jar for Jython interpreter in Preferences setting? Which version of Java? System variable path?


  • Hi Sung,

    In your case, the issue is neither DS-5 nor Eclipse related, but rather caused by Jython not supporting path variables that contain non-standard characters. Your path variable contained Korean characters (username), which Jython failed to parse.

    Per our other conversation, the workaround is to move the install/license/path directories to one that do not have non-standard characters (or to create a new account on Windows using English name only).

    I just wanted to update the conversation here as well in case others stumble upon this same problem in the future.