FastModels reset

I am using fast models with the DS5 debugger. When using the reset command in the debugger, my target starts running but I can't seem to stop it and lose complete control. I have to reconnect the target and restart the debugging session. I get the following message in the target console:

Warning: (W1000) /ARM/FastModels/deprecated: reset() is not supported
In file: Framework/Runtime/SCXSimulationEngine.cpp:3759
In process: scx::async_thread @ 398200 us

Is there any way for me to bring the target to a known state without having to go through this disconnect/connect hassle?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi,

    I see the same thing trying to issue a reset from DS-5 to a Fast Model with Fast Models 11.4 The error is a result of SystemC not having any standard way to "reset" all of the models in the simulation.

    For Fast Models 11.5 the error seems to be gone, but the reset still doesn't work, DS-5 says it running but there is no way to recover except disconnect.

    One alternative I use to go back to the beginning is the button to the left of the reset. It's a vertical line with a block arrow pointing left. The tooltip is "Debug from entry point". This will put the software back to the start, but it doesn't issue a hardware reset or reset all of the CPU registers. It does reload the software image and start again from the image entry point. I found that for many software images this is good enough to reload the software and start debugging again without disconnecting.

    I'll check with the product teams to see if there are any planned enhancements to get the reset working again.

    Feel free to share more about your setup if there is anything specific you would like to me investigate. Info about the models you are using (FVP or custom made Fast Model system) and tool versions may be helpful.