loadfile option for 32 bit access only


I use the loadfile command in DStream to laod program elf that contains code and data for several cores (M4, A53,..) and also some extensa core.

For this core the data must be written on 32 bits only.

It sounds the loadfile just write bytes.

Other debugger have option to load data in long format, so is there the equivalent on DS5?

Or if not is it possible to generate an ELF with 32 bit words and not 8 bits words?



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  • Hi Claude,

    When DS-5 loads code/data to the target it uses the DSTREAM download mechanism. This writes the data to the target 'in the most efficient way' it can. This means it will use 32 bit word writes for the data - unless the data written does not start/end on a 4 byte boundary. So I am surprised you claim it isn't using 32 bit word writes.

    Two things to check:

    1. There are no elf sections that are not 4 byte aligned - in terms of start address and length

    2. You can try using the memory command to mark areas of memory to be only 32 bit word access.


    memory 0x3000 0x7FFF rw 32

    I am just not sure this is enforced for code download. I will have to do an experiment to find out. I'll get back to you on this later.

    Regards Tony