DS-5: How to provide an unlock token?

Hi all -

In the TBSA, Baseline architecture, it states that the "external debug interface receives an unlock token" (presumably via the debugger) to instruct a debug protection mechanism (DPM) to unlock.  Is there any reference material that describes how to do this with DS-5?

Regards, Ted.

  • Hi Ted,

    The DS-5 team is working on supporting SDC-600 (the Arm component used to transfer the certificate into the target system) right now and will be released later this year. Arm will also be releasing documentation and example code which shows this in detail later this year. The intent is to allow easy support for SoC unlock in all debug (or other, e.g. flash programming) tooling, including 3rd party eco-system tooling.

    Until then, I am happy to answer more specific questions here, or you could create a support case should your require a more confidential discussion.

    Regards Tony

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