Is the optimizer qualified in the compiler version AC 6.6.x for functional safety?


I work in a project in the Rail Industry, where it was decided to use a qualified compiler to meet the safety standard (SIL2) according to EN50657.

In this project the compiler optimization plays a very important role, because time critical functions will run on the ARM core (Cortex-A9) and many DSP functions will be embedded on the same ARM core ( It has been planned to use NEON SIMD engine to optimize the DSP functions)

My question is whether the compiler certification also implies that the compiler optimizer is equally qualified, or whether some limitations apply (e.g. only certain optimization levels can be enabled).

I have done a few online researches but could not find a conclusive answer, somehow these details are not public?

Background to this question:

  • The higher the compiler optimization level, the more aggressive transformations are applied to the output object code.
  • It must be ensured that the optimizer can be trusted and no artifacts are introduced that would lead to a breakdown of the system or unintended behavior.

Any feedback is very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards


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