converting/ moving from Linux compiler to Keil

Hi Guys,

I have started working in a company in which the previous team has made all the firmware in Linux, which I have to compile it in Cygwin. I have access to the project codes( .c and .h files). 

I want to have the code in Keil that I am quite familiar with. I made a project in keil and added all the c files to the project. Also I included the path to all header files, but I still receive tones of errors. I appreciate it if anyone knows what is the best approach.



  • So, presumably, the code originally used GCC ?

    There have been threads before about doing this ...

    I still receive tones of errors

    * tons (or, perhaps, tonnes?)

    How do you expect people to suggest how to fix those errors when we have no idea what they were?!

    Most likely, there are just a few real errors - and the rest are just results of those few.

    So, as always, it is important to address the earliest reported error first.

    This is a standard porting exercise; there is no magic - it's just a matter of understanding both GCC and Keil, and adapting from one to the other.

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