ARM linker 6.14 L6077E error: Region table entry for region DTCM1 is missing.


Upon linking Im stuck on this error message, which I could not find in the v6.14 errors and warnings reference guide.

In my scatter file, the region definition looks like the snippet below. I am placing static variables at specific addresses (__attribute__((section(".ARM.__at_" #adr)))) to communicate between the loader and operator firmware. Loader is a much smaller project where this same region definition links without an error. Operator code produces this error upon linking.

; DTCM 128k (for stacks)
; DTCM fixed address for fw upgrade (see Upgrade.c)
DTCM1 0x20000000 UNINIT 0x00000040 {
* (.ARM.__AT_0x200000*)
; Aligned to 64 byte boundary
DTCM2 0x20000040 0x0001FFC0 {

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