Static Call Graph Details in Keil IDE


I'm using keil uVision5 for developing my application with freeRTOS. As we know , allocating enough stack to each task (thread) is important . Keil IDE provides detailed informatons in HTML file about functions and tasks include maximum stack depth. It is not obvious for me some parts of details.

For example, in static call graph file for menu_Dispaly task that I create we have:

menu_Display (Thumb, 11860 bytes, Stack size 1008 bytes, main.o(i.menu_Display))


  • Max Depth = 13848
  • Call Chain = menu_Display ⇒ MSC_Application ⇒ f_open ⇒ dir_register ⇒ dir_find ⇒ dir_next ⇒ create_chain ⇒ put_fat ⇒ move_window ⇒ sync_window ⇒ disk_write

"Max Depth" is the maximum stack usage when deepest call occurs but I don't know what the second(11860 bytes) and third (Stack size 1008 bytes) arguments stand for? And what does "Thumb" mean?


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