SECTIONS which are unhonnored in Gnu ld script for linking partial objects

I am working on an RTEMS project to build an executable project.exe having output format of 'elf32-bigarm'.

I have already tested a completely working application for ARM Cortex R5 processor using RTEMS on an evaluation target board from Texas Instruments. Therefore I am sure that all RTEMS libraries are working correctly.

Now, I am trying to build an executable that uses some other software libraries which should be partially linked and finally combined together with my software codes at the end of the project to make an executable. My working environment is Eclipse CDT and I have provided my project with library location and full path for ARM toolchain from RTEMS.

I am using command option -T to include my own linker script file. This linker file is based on RTEMS linkcmd  file.

I have found which points out 3 different linker scripts. In the example GNU  I'd script for linking partial objects, it is mentioned that the "linker is not always able to honor the instructions  in the SECTIONS command. 

When I  tried to build my project with linker script from RTEMS, I got an error Bad VALUE: File not recognized.

I  assumed this was because of the linker script and taken out some SECTIONS from the script file. Then I was able to produce an executable project.exe. The executable is yet to be  tested so I am not sure everything went well or not. But definitely,  not all sections are included according to the Map file I generated for the .exe

Whatever, I want to know why cant I include all SECTIONS in my linker script when building a partially linked object?

Thank you for your time. Hope some of you can give me an explanation.

Sorry I cannot share my codes or project here because my non disclosure agreement.

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