ARM MDK 5.29 cannot input Chinese in ANSI


Have a few questions

1. In the current version of ARM MDK 5.29, the ANSI mode cannot input Chinese, as long as the input will become a question mark.
2.Using UTF-8 or BIG5 can input Chinese, but when using UTF-8 to search, the characters found by Find in Files will be displayed as garbled characters.
3. In the old version of ANSI input Chinese, using wchar_t CH [] = L "中文", you can display the UNICODE CH[0]=0x4E2D,CH[1]=0x6587of Chinese characters, but if you use BIG5 mode, an error will be displayed「error: illegal character encoding in string literal wchar_t CH[] = L"<4E><2D><65><87>";                    ^~~~~~~~

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