What are the compile option differences between --specs=nosys.specs and --specs=rdimon.specs in arm-none-eabi-gcc?


As title. 

and what time I need to add options  ?

I know add --specs=nano.specs thas is mean using newlib-nano when I use arm-none-eabi-gcc.

In readme, rdimon is for semihosting. Nosys is for retarget.

We use bare metal system and printf retarget to AXI port. What option I need to select ?

2. Does newlib support reentrant in arm-none-eabi-gcc?

Newlib provide two version function first is usual name . Second is reentrant version "_xxx_r"

How to choose the function when compile my code? Or I don't need know that.

Ex :  _write_r , write

3. Are both of two function target to _write?

I implement _write function will retarget printf.

I not sure printf will call which function. _write_r , write, _write

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