How to upload project to NXP board in LPCXpresso

This has been giving me fits for weeks! I have a LPC1549 board. I can access it thru LPCScrypt and have loaded in blinky code from mbed. BUT - I'd like to use LPCXpresso with this board, and cannot seem to figure out how to actually load a built project to the board. I have the USB port marked "DFU" plugged in and the board shows up as the MBED (K) HID.

I can't seem to figure out how to setup the hardware debug feature - which is I'm thinking how the code gets loaded onto the board. I've looked at endless vids and none have gone over this (apparently) minor detail of how to get a board recognized and be able to load some code to it from LPCXpresso. Ideas, links or whatever GREATLY appreciated.

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