Using Compute Library with DS-5 and Arm Compiler 5


I have a Cortex A9(NEON), Bare Metal(No Linux) project that has C and C++ codes together. I use DS-5 IDE and Arm Toolchain version 5 to build my project.

I decided to use Compute Library and make some performance tests.  I need specifically basic operations like convolution, FFT, Transpose etc. For this purpose, I built Compute Library as static library using linaro toolchain from instructions for bare metal building and add it to my existing project as library file.

Problem is, When I Include Compute Library's NEON functions' header file, compiler complains about codes in the header files. It gaves lots of errors like '(' is expected here etc..

I suspect it is about C++ language versions but not sure. 

So; is it possible to use Compute Library with a bare metal environment using Arm Compiler Toolchain 5 ? What should I do in order to use Compute Library in my way? Should I change my toolchain to which supports newer C++ language standarts?

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