Understanding defect fixes listed in Compiler Release Notes

I see that the lists of corrections / known defects in the release notes of each new compiler revision are tagged with a unique identifier (ex. SDCOMP-15294). Is it possible to find further information about these items such as steps to reproduce? Or are the descriptions as they appear in the release notes the only publicly accessible information?

I'm using a legacy compiler, and attempting to produce an errata-style document based on the defect fixes identified in subsequent compiler release notes, which is obviously far from ideal, but it's the best I've got. I've identified 30 'corrections' listed in newer compiler versions which I would like to have information on how to reproduce in order to be able to either discount the issue as not affecting our particular tool chain, or be able to explain how it is mitigated in our code base (ex. the operation which causes the issue is not performed anywhere). Is it possible to access this kind of additional information?


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