Strange Behavior using arm-none-eabi-gdb

I'm new to gdb so I would really appreciate any guidance. My target is the K82f and I am calling Openocd and gdb from the command line.

Compiler: ArmClang/Armlink

Debugger: arm-arm-none-eabi-gdb
Debug Info: -gdwarf-4

Batch File:

The Issue:
Gdb doesn't print the current source-line when stepping nor does it print the source-line when using the frame command. There are also these double arrows that may be TAB characters that are being rendered to the console.

Could this be caused Openocd/gdbserver?

What resources should I look at for this?

Are there compatibility issues with Armlink generated .axf and gdb?

armclang.exe generated elf read by armclang's fromelf.exe (armgnu's readelf.exe doesn't seem to accurately read this .axf)

gnu seems to be interpreting the .axf file as having "unix-system v" abi

** ELF Header Information

    File Name: kl25z_rtos.axf

    Machine class: ELFCLASS32 (32-bit)
    Data encoding: ELFDATA2LSB (Little endian)
    Header version: EV_CURRENT (Current version)
    Operating System ABI: none
    ABI Version: 0
    File Type: ET_EXEC (Executable) (2)
    Machine: EM_ARM (ARM)

    Image Entry point: 0x00000165
    Flags: EF_ARM_HASENTRY + EF_ARM_ABI_FLOAT_SOFT (0x05000202)

    ARM ELF revision: 5 (ABI version 2)

    Conforms to Soft float procedure-call standard

    Built with
    Component: ARM Compiler 6.16 Tool: armasm [5dfea300]
    Component: ARM Compiler 6.16 Tool: armlink [5dfeaa00]

    Header size: 52 bytes (0x34)
    Program header entry size: 32 bytes (0x20)
    Section header entry size: 40 bytes (0x28)

    Program header entries: 1
    Section header entries: 16

    Program header offset: 18812 (0x0000497c)
    Section header offset: 18844 (0x0000499c)

    Section header string table index: 15


** Program header #0 (PT_LOAD) [PF_X + PF_W + PF_R + PF_ARM_ENTRY]
    Size : 1936 bytes (1584 bytes in file)
    Virtual address: 0x00000000 (Alignment 8)

NOTE(MA): Ill build using arm-non-eabi-gcc and compare the elf formats

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