Using Compute Library in a c++ project as static library, build with linaro gcc 7.3

Hi again;

I've built ComputeLibrary in an Linux Environment using gcc 7.x version targetted for bare_metal and armv7a. Build was succesfull and I have 3 library (.a extension) files called


'arm_compute_graph-static' and


in build folder.



Then I created a c++ project in DS-5 IDE in a Windows Host environment using  linaro gcc 7.x toolchain. I  copied one of NEON example codes(NEON Cartoon Effect) from examples directory and I'm trying to build this as my application. 

Here is my linker options for static libraries.

I set my compiler and linker options as similar to compute library build script (I play some options like -static or -fno-short-enums etc. to fix the problem).  There is no compile error but in linking time, I get the following errors:

Am I doing something wrong? What should I check? Aren't those .a library files and included header files are enough for using the library?  If I add that .o files as object files these errors disappear but I think this approach is not correct. 

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