MicroSD card with ADSP-CM403F

I am new to ARM Cortex 4 and to ADSP-CM403F. I worked with AVR stuff and was able using SD cards with SPI, AVR-GCC. I am working on a schematic for the 120pin ADSP-CM403F chip. To be able to code for MicroSD I will have to connect the right pins of the card to the CPU. Unfortunately I did not find an example yet to see if its possible using 4 data lines as SDIO offers. In the data sheet  Rev. A november 2015 there are signals like SPI clock, SPI data 2, SPI data 3. I cannot see SPI data 0 or data 1.

Can anybody please give me a hint where to find an example how to add a MicroSD card (and also a QSPI flash, SRAM) to this chip including a simple C example code? Thank you very much ! 

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