Using ArmTF-Test SP/SPD with Juno

Hi experts  ,

I configured my Juno board as this instruction and my workspace is initialized by the script from that page too.

Now I met some unknown issues when setting secure timer for my board. I find the ARM-TF provides a test secure payload and they utilize the secure timer so I want to try this payload to confirm my board's timer works well.

In this case, I'm wondering can I still use the workspace I got to build the TSP for Juno board?

If I can, could you please give me some hints about how to modify the build scripts? If I can't, is there any other instructions about applying the TSP on Juno?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi ,

    I just met a problem about this issue again, could you please take a look?

    Today I used the script from this link to get the latest OE-LAMP workspace and I want to use TSP with it. I used the script with the following configuration:

    [64-bit] Juno 
    Build from source 
    lsk-4.4-armlt   -- Supports Android
    OpenEmbedded LAMP      -- 17.01

    The workspace can be builtt. Both OE-LAMP and OPTEE secure payload are running on my Juno board normally.

    However, when I tried to use TSP instead of OPTEE as you mentioned above ( I also patched 2 UART patches you shared), the booting will be stuck after these outputs:

    Peripheral ID6:0x00000005                                                       
    Peripheral ID7:0x000000B1                                                       
    Programming NOR Flash                                                           
    PCIE clock configured...                                                        
    Testing motherboard interfaces (FPGA build 118)...                              
    SRAM 32MB test: PASSED                                                          
    LAN9118   test: PASSED                                                          
    KMI1/2    test: PASSED                                                          
    MMC       test: PASSED                                                          
    PB/LEDs   test: PASSED                                                          
    FPGA UART test: PASSED                                                          
    PCIe init test: PASSED                                                          
    PCIe MAC addresss 0002-F700-62E8                                                
    MAC addrs test: PASSED                                                          
    SMC MAC address 0002-F700-62E7                                                  
    Setting HDMI0 mode for SVGA.                                                    
    Setting HDMI1 mode for SVGA.                                                    
    SoC SMB clock enabled.                                                          
    Testing SMB clock...                                                            
    SMB clock running                                                               
    Releasing system resets...                                                      
    UART0 set to SoC UART0                                                          
    UART1 set to SoC UART1           

    I guess it's still something configured wrong with TSP or TSPD while I don't figure it out yet. If you know what's the problem or which part should I check for, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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