LPC1857 (MCB1800) Setup CAN Bus Port Manually

How do I properly setup the CAN Bus interface on a LPC1857 (using MCB1800 evaluation board)?  My requirements are to activate the CAN0 (or CAN1), manually configure and setup the pins\registers, and handle Interrupts of incoming and outgoing messages. I previously had a functional CAN Bus code base on an LPC1768, however I doubt that I can merely copy – paste what worked on an older chip and expect it to immediately work on a newer microcontroller. I had looked at the User Manual for the LPC18xx, but I seem to not grasp what I need to do. Additionally, I did take a gander at the CAN Sample, but that uses the CAN Driver – which is not in my scope.

From my understanding, I need to do the following to have the CAN0 to work: turn on the CAN0 Tx and CAN0 Rx pins, activate the peripheral clock for the CAN0, initialize the CAN0 with baudrate; interrupt service via NVIC; and enable filtering (if used). This is how it was previously done within the LPC1768, so I would expect the same to be done on an LPC1857. However, I am not looking at the right places – I cannot find where I need to turn on the specific Rx\Tx pins and activate the peripheral clock for the CAN0 interface.

Further, I would probably need guidance on sending a CAN message onto the registers and decoding a message from the registries that was received from the network. Though, I can push this onto a new topic – I am asking a lot as it is. But, I will try to piece that myself if I can.

Thank you for your time and energy in advanced.

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