Intel Stratix-10 Development Platform and AMP


I am using Intel stratix-10 kit.

Below are few of my requirements, whether startix-10 and SoC EDS tool will support this feature. If yes how it can be evaluated using third party providers .

I have DS-5 Intel SoC FPGA Edition (Version : 5.29.2) - Licensed

Requirement: I need to use stratix-10 kit in AMP mode. (Example : Cortex-A53 Core-0 (Linux), Core-1 (RTOS), Core-2(RTOS), ..)

1. Is there any RTOS ported for the stratix-10 kit ? Do you have any third party provider to whom we can contact?

2. Do you have any idea about the Board Support Package (BSP) availability of Stratix-10?

3. Whom should we contact for ARM side support for any future issues that we may come across during the development phase?

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