DS5 Linux Debugging

I have a licensed version of DS5. I am currently working on debugging a linux application on the De1-SoC board (Cortex A9). Although I am following the tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcGQEjkYWOc ) but still when I press the debug button in the debug configuration window after filling all the required information: It says, 

" Unable to connect to Linux.


Falied target configuration:

gdbserver excited unexpectedly, see the App Console for further information"

In the app console window; following appears;

Preparing the debug session

# cd "/home/root"
# gdbserver :5001 "./Linux_test_program"
gdbserver: command not found

It should be mentioned that I have an active remote connection via ssh to the board. The board has a running linux image with gdb server installed. Does anybody know where is the problem?

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