DS-5 5.29.0 on Windows 10 1803


I'm in the process of trying to migrate DS-5 to a new laptop as I have been issued a new machine in order to support Windows 10 which is now a company requirement.

We have a perpetual node locked license for DS-5, but its gone out of support as of July last year.  The last version I have access to is 5.29.0.

Installing this version on the new machine is fine, but on starting it DS-5 will hang for minutes after selecting / creating the workspace with little, if no CPU usage and nothing in the Windows logs or Eclipse logs if I start it with a console and debug.

For interest I also installed DS 5.29.2 to see if that worked correctly and it appears to, so does that mean 5.29.0 is broken on Windows 10?

I don't see anything in the release note that indicate a bug was fixed for Window 10 support.

Any ideas appreciated.



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