How to fix "ERROR: Invalid EEPROM contents"


I was trying to upgrade to the latest firmwares, but I met a problem saying "Failed to operation.." during writing images.

In an attempt to fix the problem, I erased images stored in Motherboard eeprom any how. After that, booting is failed. (Please see the below log)

Is there any way to fix the problem?

====== booting log ======

ARM V2M-Juno Boot loader v1.0.0

HBI0262 build 596

ERROR: Invalid EEPROM contents

ARM V2M_Juno Firmware v1.1.7

Build Date: May 27 2014

Time :  17:51:49

Date :  11:02:2015

ERROR: Invalid EEPROM contents for Mother Board

Cmd> reboot

Powering up system...

ERROR: Invalid EEPROM contents for Mother Board

Failed to read configuration file...

Powering down...

Switching off ATX PSU.

Board powered down, use REBOOT to restart.



Thanks in advance,

Jin Choi

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