FVP License

My understanding was that FVPs (at least the AEM versions) were freely licensed as to be a resource for open source developers.

However, after downloading and installing aem-armv8-FM000-KT-00059-r11p7-30rel0.tgz it always stops shortly after I try to run it complaining that it can't find a license.

I HAVE read the getting started guides and I can't find any mention of obtaining a license.  I do see options on the web site to buy a license (not going to do that) or for a "eval" license.

I have not completed the eval license for the following reasons:

* I don't want ARM sales people contacting me about buying tools

* I don't want a license that expires after 90 days or whatever

* Locking the license to my enet MAC address seems very restrictive for a tool that I thought was "freely licensed"

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Can you also please clarify which FVPs are "freely licensed" and which ones are pay only?



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