Need help in understanding ARM code

Hello every one, I am newbie in ARM development. Currently I saw an open source project with the name TREZOR (A bitcoin  wallet) and the processor they used is ARM Cortex M3 based processor. All its detail related  to hardware and uploading firmware and boot loader is available on GitHub  The problem is that I wanna make some changes in their code using GNU ARM Eclipse compiler. But their code is not in simple form as it is in Eclipse compiler, link for source code is . Kindly see the containing folder of source code and help me in making some changes to main code in Eclipse or some other compiler. Thanks in advance

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  • To be honest, I do not see what is your exact question.

    You have to understand the code by yourself. Then, propose 1) what specifically you want to change. 2) What prevents your from making the changes. For example because you do not know how to use the toolchains, or lack of understanding to some specific technical questions?

    Your question have to be specific, if you hope it can be answered.

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