Android Wear OS difference

Hi Experts,

What is the key difference between Android Wear OS and android for phone ?

Does the underlying kernel also changes for the same ?

Is there any development platform at cheaper price to get started with  porting of the Android Wear OS ?



  • Can you clarify your question a bit more? Are you looking to develop and application for Android Wear or develop a product that runs Android Wear (e.g. a new watch)?

    If you are looking to develop an app for Wear, the design mode and strategies are different but the underlying OS and APIs are not. The least expensive way to start on app development is with Android Studio and the emulator.

    If you want to develop a product with the Google PDKs, developing an Android device is open to anyone. The Android Wear PDK is separate and requires a formal agreement with Google in order to access the Android layers above the kernel and Wear specific modules at the kernel level. Google recommends developing a product around an already approved SoC but possible to work with Google on a new SoC for new products.

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