Android 9 Mali G72 OpenCL library for C++ build


I was able to run JNI Opencl kernel on my mali T830 by coping the system/vendor/lib/ and to the JNI folder on android studio. of course we to load some library through


I hace done the same with my mali G72. Compilation and linkage are fine. But in excecution time i am asked for two other library :

system/vendor/lib/  and system/vendor/lib/

the problem is taht android do not copy the to the data/data/apk/lib. So at run time a got this error :
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found

It is possible to get library which does not need of the system/vendor/lib/ and system/vendor/lib/

Or if you know how to run openCL on android 9 (honnor play) whitout linker library problem.

thanks a lot for drive me to a succefull solution.

regards herve terrole, paris france. ;))
  • Hi,

    Ok ! i found why is not copied to /data/data/apk/lib.

    the problem is that the labrary containt the "@" caracter in the name. You can easely test it under android studio. just create a JNIlibrary and check data/data/apk/lib.

    test in

    LOCAL_MODULE := JNIProcessor@2.0-client
    LOCAL_SRC_FILES := processor.cpp


    LOCAL_MODULE := JNIProcessor2.0-client
    LOCAL_SRC_FILES := processor.cpp

    and you will find out.

    So as the library is directly called from data/data/apk/lib. I need to change library name inside and rename the to But how do i change the lib name inside ? 

    So the problem is solve for you. Can you help me to solve mine ;))

    PS: i bougth the honnor play two days ago only for testing OpenCL on 12 heart G72 gpu. It is a petty to spend monney for nothing. ;))

    thanks for you help.

    regards herve terrolle from paris, France.