Odroid XU3 userspace drivers


I just saw the recent redesign of the malideveloper webpage, looks nicer and it's easier to navigate.

However, when looking at the Odroid XU3 drivers page, I see that the latest userspace drivers are r10p0 - however, before the redesign, the r12p0 drivers were available. Is that intentional? Is there a reason the r12p0 drivers were pulled?

Somewhat related, are there plans for the wayland drivers to include the nested compositor extension? It's not present in the r12 drivers, but I heard there was a patch available for the r14 drivers (which are not yet published). Will the extension be included in a future r14 userspace release?


PS: the filenames for the xu3 drivers are missing a dot, e.g. FILETAR.GZ instead of FILE.TAR.GZ

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