Mali Graphics Debugger: Not getting trace data in GUI

I am trying to trace the GPU activity on an unrooted Samsung S6 using Unity. I have added the to my application and it does appear in my .apk package. I have installed the MGDDaemon and this can see my application.

I start the MGDDaemon and the Mali Graphics Debugger application (Windows8).

Debug | "Connect to target" appears to work and launches a window titled "Capturing Target@/".

There is no message on the console and no other output appears.

From the MGDDaemon app on device, I select my application which launches.

There are still no traces appearing within the Windows MGD app.


android-non-root\arm\armeabi-v7a\  dated 05/08/2015 18:38

Are messages getting lost somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

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