What's the meaning of Bound in the output of mali offline compiler?

C:\Program Files\Arm\Arm Mobile Studio 2021.1\mali_offline_compiler>malioc .\samples\opengles\shader.frag
Mali Offline Compiler v7.3.0 (Build 002baf)
Copyright 2007-2020 Arm Limited, all rights reserved


Hardware: Mali-G78 r1p1
Architecture: Valhall
Driver: r25p0-00rel0
Shader type: OpenGL ES Fragment

Main shader

Work registers: 32
Uniform registers: 18
Stack spilling: false
16-bit arithmetic: 0%

                              FMA     CVT     SFU      LS       V       T    Bound
Total instruction cycles:    1.41    0.08    0.81    0.00    0.75    0.25      FMA
Shortest path cycles:        1.41    0.05    0.81    0.00    0.75    0.25      FMA
Longest path cycles:         1.41    0.08    0.81    0.00    0.75    0.25      FMA

FMA = Arith FMA, CVT = Arith CVT, SFU = Arith SFU,
LS = Load/Store, V = Varying, T = Texture

Shader properties

Has uniform computation: true
Has side-effects: false
Modifies coverage: false
Uses late ZS test: false
Uses late ZS update: false
Reads color buffer: false

Note: This tool shows only the shader-visible property state.
API configuration may also impact the value of some properties.

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