gatord refusing to copy to /data/data/%APP_NAME%/

Hi, everyone!

I'm trying to profile a Unity application using Streamline on a Samsung A20e. However I'm stuck in the process, because gatord is refusing to copy to the target app directory.

Steps I have done:

-Build a development build of the app (Also tried to set it explicitly to debuggable  in the manifest)

-Deploy the app on the phone

-Run the app

-Close the app

-execute gatorme.bat (this is the default gatorme.bat from github)

I'm calling gatorme.bat like this:

gatorme.bat com.replaced.replaced G71 ./bin/gatord

gatorme.bat fails on the following line:

adb shell run-as com.replaced.replaced cp /data/local/tmp/gatord /data/data/com.replaced.replaced/

With this error message:

cp: Skipped dir '/data/data/com.replaced.replaced//gatord': No such file or directory

Stuff I tried that didn't fix the problem:

-Fix the double slashes in the path.

-Make the app explicitly debuggable in AndroidManifest.xml

-Copy gatord by hand to Android/data/com.replaced.replaced (but I'm guessing this isn't the same path)

Any help would be welcome!


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