Streamline framerate count


I have noticed that I need to include in my Unity project in order for Streamline (2020.3) to properly display the framerate series.

Is that the right way to do it, and is there any overhead introduced by that?



  • Hi Denis;

    MGD library loading has been integrated into Unity so developers can quickly and easily use MGD to profile Unity graphics apps using OpenGL ES and Vulkan. Please notice that Development Build option must be enabled to use MGD library for profiling. When you build your app in release mode the library won’t be packaged in the apk and it won’t impact the performance of your app.

    When you are profiling your app with Development Build option enabled MGD Daemon sends the OpenGL ES/Vulkan calls to MGD to show the traces. In practice, Graphics API calls are intercepted to show the traces. This represents a little overhead with very limited impact, so the framerate readings are very similar to the expected ones when MGD is not present.



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