Driver Release Notes

It seems there is a bug in Mali GPU when using persistent mapping (with EXT_buffer_storage). We have detected the issue in our android device (Mali-G72 with r19p0 driver). Our clients are reporting the same issue in other android Mali devices.

I will report the problem later, but for now, we need to detect conflicting devices and disable the extension. Right now, it seems there is no other way that detecting if GL_RENDERER starts with "Mali".

But I wonder if there is somewhere release notes for each drivers version, to check what things have been fixed or not. Not sure what would the alternative to properly handle this. Being able to test all driver version would be awesome but I assume this is not possible in Android where vendors lock the driver version.


  • Hi jsantos, 

    Thanks for the bug report. If you can share a reproducer please get in tough with developer <at> arm <dot> com, and we'd be happy to take a look at it.

    We don't currently publish a public release note for the drivers. It's worth noting that some device manufacturers customize the drivers, so what you get in any specific device often isn't the stock driver from Arm.

    Kind regards, 

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