GA fragment count / gpu settings

I'm using Graphics Analyzer 5.7.0 from ARM Mobile Studio Starter Edition 2020.3.

1. I tried to capture a trace with fragment count enabled. The frame has 2 render passes. I can see valid fragment count in pass #1, but all zeroes in pass #0.

    What do I miss here? I'm sure pass #0 did rendered something.

2. According to User Guide, cycles in Shader View is coming from Mali Offline Compiler for Mali-T880.  Is it possible to change to other GPU, say Mali-G78?

  • Hi sabre, 

    I'll check with the engineering team for the fragment count behavior to see if we have any known issues here. 

    The the offline compiler the current tool only supports Mali-T880; if you want other GPUs you'll need to use the standalone Mali Offline Compiler shipped in Mobile Studio. We're working on a new major version of the tool, and getting this fixed for that version is definitely on the todo list. 

    Kind regards, 

  • A late follow up here - sorry it took some time to reply. 

    The fragment count mode uses shader replacement to emit instrumentation to a color attachment. It will not work for render passes that have no color attachment (e.g. depth shadow maps), or for cases where shader replacement fails. 

    We've fixed a number of issues with float attachments in Mobile Studio 2021.2, so please give it a go an let us know if that helps. If it doesn't please can you share your .mgd file so we can see the behavior which is causing the problem. 

    Kind regards, 

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