Strange problem with rendering on Mali-T880

Hi! I have a very strenge problem with rendering on meizu pro 6 (Mali-T880, driver version OpenGL ES 3.1 v1.r7p0-02rel0.c2815c77377fd8176029d97c61eba4df.).
Here is a simple app that demonstrates the problem
The scene is rendered into an intermediate target, and then it is copied to the screen. The scene consists of simple geometry boxes. And if there are enough boxes in the frame it looks like all rendering commands into intermediate target are rejected (including glClear, so we have previous frame image presented on screen). If I capture the frame with ARM graphics analyzer, this exact frame renders correctly but all others still hang on the device. To make things strange - if I add enough vertices to these boxes, this seems to fix the problem.
I understand that r7 driver is quite old and the problem is probably fixed in newer versions, but any hints on what can cause this problem in r7 driver and what are the possible workarounds would be greatly welcomed.

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