MSAA 2x on Mali - GLES


Although OpenGL ES  has mechanisms to query the maximum number of samples (with a min of 4 on GLES 3.1), there's no requirements for the opposite. Is there any expected behavior on Mali GPUs (at least from Midgard onwards and inclusive) if the amount of samples specified is 2x? Does it fallback to no samples at all or perhaps up to 4x? Or do I need to assume it's undefined behavior. (disclaimer: I'm aware of your recommendation of using 4x on Mali though)

  • Hi JPJ,

    For OpenGL ES the implementation will round up to the next available size. Spec wording is along the lines of:

    ... samples represents a request for a desired minimum number of samples. ... the resulting value for TEXTURE_SAMPLES_EXT is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to "samples" and no more than the next larger sample count supported by the implementation.

    For Vulkan it's undefined behavior, so you can't really rely on it.



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