Mali Core Unit Utilization graph in Streamline no longer including up to a hundred%


I consider I'm misinterpreting the counter templates in the Mali Core Unit Utilization on my S10e (Mali-G76), so just need a few explanation. My preliminary assumption was that the counters might upload up to 100%. However, as you can see beneath, they are including up to a long way greater than that. Is this by hook or by crook associated with the truth that the G-seventy six has three execution engines (from what I can collect) but only 1x Texture, L/S and Varying gadgets?

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    Can you share a picture of the problem, or the APC data file? Which version of the tools are you using?

    Series in the utilization chart should individually have a maximum value of 100%. However as the units execute in parallel they will sum to something much higher than 100% under heavy load - each unit can be fully utilized at the same time as other units.

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