T880/Vulkan objects flicker


I'm rendering some cubes via gpu instancing / compute shaders, and specifically on Samsung S7 Edge the more instances I add the more flickers I get. This is reproducible so far only on T880, other GPUs I've tried are good, including other Malis like G71.

Latest firmware, OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r22p0-01rel0 driver.

I found the thread with almost the same problems on S7 as well, but GLES3.1 and supposed to be solved in r22 driver. I can't use GLES due to come compute shaders stuff not implemented and throwing an error, but otherwise it seems to be related issue: https://community.arm.com/developer/tools-software/graphics/f/discussions/10285/opengl-es-3-1-on-mali-t880-flashes/33025#33025

Please find the test APK here: drive.google.com/open

"Add prefabs" button adds 4096 instances and for me flickering starts around 16k instances and gets really, really bad after 32k.

Please advise!

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