Streamline 2020.0 annotations in Unity

Hi guys,

I just had a go at using Streamline annotations in Unity but for some reason I'm not able to see anything. I'm not entirely sure if I should toggle something I haven't seen or if the version of Streamline I'm using (2020.0) isn't somehow compatible with the annotations generated by the Unity package I downloaded.

I've installed the package linked by this page, and inserted a couple of markers in LateUpdate and a CoRoutine (at the end of the frame):

 void LateUpdate() 
        // something here

In Streamline I've just added the counters for a G-71 (the GPU in the device I have) and captured a session as usual. I've tried toggling the "bookmark markers" in the Timeline. Furthermore, the Log tab seems to indicate that "no annotation data was generated during the capture session.."

Finally, I made sure that I had "Development Build" enabled in Unity. Could I be missing something?

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