how to enable all cores of Mali-400 GPU?

Hi there,

    We are now transplanting our graphics subsystem onto the sunxi-A20 SoC, whose GPU is Mali-400 MP2. But we find that rendering a frame costs about 33ms, which is too slow. And after we did some study on the driver, we found the cause of low performance is that there is only one pp core used during per frame. As we don't have a copy of code of user space libraries, we can only locate the problem in the kernel side. We find out that when start a pp job by the user space, via calling MALI_IOC_PP_START_JOB(ioctl) with args in _mali_uk_pp_start_job_s, there is an attribute named "num_cores"(in _mali_uk_pp_start_job_s)  set as 1, which results in that the job cannot be split into more sub jobs. Are there any methods to enable both of the pp cores?

The version of the libraries and drivers we use is "r3p0", and ABI is "armhf", EGL_TYPE is "framebuffer"

Any reply will be appreciated! Thanks all of you guys.


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