Graphics Analyzer can't find trace file

Hey All,

I just started using the graphics analyzer tool and I was able to set it all up (get my native app to be traced). Once i finished the trace, I got a message in my terminal saying: 

"GA components removed and traced application terminated. See "/data/local/tmp/aga-daemon.log" on the device for the log file." 

I ended up finding that the log file is actually stored in Arm Mobile Studio 2020.0\graphics_analyzer\target\android\arm (I'm running graphics analyzer on my PC), but its not a mgd file that I can throw in to analyze (it has no extension and forcing it to .mgd doesn't make it openable by Graphics Analyzer). I checked app data and I couldn't find a trace file there either. Should the graphics analyzer automatically open the trace after I stop tracing, and if so, am I maybe doing something wrong? The log file also isn't plain text so I can't read it in notepad.

I'm running Windows 7 and the app is launched correctly (and functions). I'm not seeing any errors appear in the terminal when I run it either. Please let me know if you need anything else!

  • I ended up getting it to generate a trace. The error was that I wasn't linking with the .so files in the unrooted directory. This generated a trace but the trace is appearing empty (it only contains a call to 0 eglSetBlobCacheFuncsANDROID(dpy=0xe41c3ea0, set=0xd259bc21, get=0xd259bc23) which my application does not call. I verified in Visual Studio that the 3 libs in the unrooted directory are present when the application is running. The trace contains one frame (frame 0), but expanding it shows "No active context". I know my app is running correctly because it clears the screen color using GLES 3.1 so I'm not sure whats wrong. Does anyone have any pointers for why the trace might be empty?

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