Compressed but not mipmapped data (Streamline capture)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to narrow down the texture usage of a frame. Essentially, at the tail end of the frame I'm seeing a fair bit of compressed but NOT mipmapped texture data. Is it possible this is framebuffer compressed data used by post-processing? If so, it's safe to assume that fragment operations performed during that time are all post-processing related, am I correct? 


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This is from a Mali-G71 GPU

  • Hi JPJ, 

    Compressed in this case means some form of lossy offline compression at the API level (ETC, ETC2, ASTC). This could be post processing, if that is reading from a compressed API texture, but a lot of post passes only read from framebuffers which won't show up in this counter (even if they are compressed with our AFBC lossless compression). 


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