How do you test for GPU overclock stability?

With MSI Kombustor I can only do +70Mhz on core clock and +1100Mhz memeory clock without any artifacts in the artifacts scanner/counter. Any higher memory or core clock would produce artifacts. With this setting I can reach 2040Mhz core clock consistently across the board.

However, when I run heaven or 3Dmark fire strike extreme I can do +120Mhz core clock and reach 2085Mhz during benchmark. (+130Mhz j can see artifacts). During these benchmarks I don’t see any artifacts. Or simply the artifacts that I can detect. There may be small artifacts that I can not see or just missed because I looked away.

Is there a way to test stability without having to stare at the screen for hours? The program can catch any problems so I can down clock. The Kombustor gave me +70 and +1100, I just feel like they are really low and the fact that I can do friggin +120 for 3Dmark and get a valid score.

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