Mali-T764 GPU - Does it exist?

I have just bought a device that claims to have a Mali-T764 GPU but when I look formore information on the Arm site, there is only reference to a Mali-T760.

Does it exist and if so, what is the difference between it and the advertised T760?

  • Thank you seanlumly01 for your suggestion... this issue of a non-consistent naming convention has been brought up before and as of August this year, we have official guidelines regarding this.

    The official naming convention for Mali GPU's is to state the Product Line, followed by MPx where x is the number of cores in that particular implementation.

    Some examples for the Mali-T6xx generation of GPUs:

    • Mali-T622 MP2 (This is a T622 GPU, which by itself allows up to a maximum of 2 cores to be implemented, the MP2 states this implementation has 2 cores)
    • Mali-T628 MP6 (This is a T628 GPU, which by itself allows up to a maximum of 8 cores to be implemented, the MP6 states this implementation has 6 cores)

    For the new generation of Mali-T7xx GPUs:

    • Mali-T720 MPx
    • Mali-T760 MPx

    Are the only official ARM standard names. (Where x is the number of cores).

    By this standard, calling it a Mali-T764 (regardless of MPx) is not correct. It should be called Mali-T760 MP4 for example.

    This is actually also true for our Cortex CPU side...

    What was once called a QuadCore Cortex-A15 for example is now incorrect usage, and it should now be referred to as Cortex-A15 MP4 (for example).

    However, it may take time for all of our partners to update and correctly use this new convention, so you may see non-standard naming conventions around for some time still.

    We hope that this less ambiguous naming convention will help everyone to get a better understanding of the capabilities of the various configurations of ARM CPU's and GPU's.

    I hope this clarifies things, if anyone has further questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael McGeagh

  • I didn't know the ARM Processors naming conventions had changed... Thanks for letting us know.

    The product marketing website doesn't give numbers and multi-cores capable products have a generic suffix: ARM Cortex-A5 MPCore. Mind you, AFAIK, an MPCore product can have only 1 core

    I shall ask the team to make it a bit more consistent, or less confusing!

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