Mali hardware acceleration on ubuntu on Chromebook

Looking at this post

Graphics and Compute Development on Samsung Chromebook « Mali Developer Center Mali Developer Center

I have see that is possible to have Mali GPU hardware acceleration on Samsung ARM Chromebook with Ubuntu.

On the post you guide all the process to prepare an sd card to install ubuntu with mail support on chromebook, could you provide even the imagefile of the generated sd card?


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    Well, performance is very good, in spite of something apparently not being configured correctly so it seems to have fallen back to software, now it's clearly not near as snappy as ChromeOS.

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-harfbuzz --enable-image-loader-webp --enable-multisense --enable-xine --enable-xinput22 --with-opengl=es --enable-egl

    is what I asked for to configure efl, mostly the same options as the options ubuntuhandbook/ would have passed, except for the last two

    My extremely naive patch which got me past configure, I think what might be missing now is that the evas engine for egl is actually wayland only, and that is why I am where I am now.  Nothing in this case seems to have actually been linked against EGL or GLESv2.  Funny, configure would not let me proceed without proving I could link to them and that they had the right stuff (  I guess that's because I asked it to...

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