MGD 5.1.0 not able to connect to an IP

Hi Team,

I have downloaded MGD 5.1.0 and not able to connect using IP to my linux target ( port 5002 as mentioned in document). It could not locate the network connections.

Is there any guideline to follow on target and host to make it working? I am able to connect target via network using putty on SSH (port 22).

Steps I did:

- I started MGD as administrator user

- Run mgddaemon, see log below

root@linux0:~# ./mgddaemon
944172584714: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:INFO: Main: The MGD daemon is starting
Daemon is version: D020
Socket is: \0mgddaemon
944172584731: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:DEBUG: DeviceInfo: GL_VENDOR = ARM, GL_RENDERER = Mali-T880, GL_VERSION = OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r13p0-00rel0.7381436e6963ff63f2ae2be6a4f45c3a
944172584731: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:INFO: HostConnection: Initializing host connection
944172584731: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:INFO: InterceptorListener: Initializing interceptor listener
944172584735: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:INFO: CountersListener: Initializing Mali counters listener
944172584735: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2094]:INFO: Daemon: Daemon initializing
944172584735: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2107]:INFO: Daemon: Daemon running
944172584736: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2107]:INFO: Daemon: Daemon is version: D020
944172584736: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2106]:INFO: InterceptorListener: Interceptor Listener waiting for connections
944172584736: mgd_daemon[2094]: [2105]:INFO: HostConnection: Host connection listening

- Open Device manager and Connect to an IP using port 5002 , but no luck on connecting.

- I also tried to run the application as follows

root@linux0:~# export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/var/run/root/1000/
root@linux0:~# layer-add-surfaces 1000 1 &
[1] 2113
root@linux0:~# layerid=1000 is already used.
CreateWithDimension: layer ID (1000), Width (1920), Height (720)
SetVisibility      : layer ID (1000), ILM_TRUE
layer: 1000 created

root@linux0:~# LD_PRELOAD=/home/root/ /usr/bin/EGLWLMockNavigation
944172703017: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: DuplicateLibraryDetector: First interceptor loaded
944172703017: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: PassThroughClApi: Found the following libraries for 'cl': {/usr/lib64/,}
944172703017: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: PassThroughEglApi: Found the following libraries for 'egl': {/usr/lib64/,}
944172703018: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: PassThroughGlesApi: Found the following libraries for 'gles': {/usr/lib64/, /usr/lib64/,,}
944172703020: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:WARNING: GatorConnection: Not connected to gatord, the application will run normally but Streamline will not collect annotations. To collect annotations, please verify you are running gatord 5.22 or later and that SELinux is disabled.
944172703022: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:ERROR: Interceptor: MGD failed to read the process whitelist file: No reason provided. (Does the file exist & have correct permissions?)
944172703022: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: MarshallerBase: Connecting to daemon. Sending header...
944172703022: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: Interceptor: Interceptor loaded for 2115: /usr/bin/EGLWLMockNavigation
944172703022: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2115]:INFO: Interceptor: Activating tracing
944172703023: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2119]:INFO: ListenerThread: Received new message: C:1 E:0 F:0
944172703023: mgd_interceptor[2115]: [2119]:INFO: Interceptor: Host detached
surface                : 10 created
Shader setup complete.
SetDestinationRectangle: surface ID (10), Width (800), Height (480)
SetSourceRectangle     : surface ID (10), Width (800), Height (480)
SetVisibility          : surface ID (10), ILM_TRUE
layerAddSurface        : surface ID (10) is added to layer ID (1000)

Thank you.

Best regards,


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