Vulkan function vkCreateDevice() returns error VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT (VkResult:-8) on HUAWEI P30


I have few Vulkan games run well on numbers of Android devices. However, when I test them on HUAWEI P30 (not P30 Pro) with Mali-G76 MP10 GPU and Android 9.0, function vkCreateDevice() returns error VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT (VkResult:-8).

My app should have successfully loaded Vulkan dynamic lib since vkInstance has been created before creating vkDevice.

So what is the reason that vkCreateDevice() return VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT? Here is my code snippet:

// Create Logical Device, ensure that this device is connecte to graphics queue

// Step 1 - Retrive the queue family that supports graphics pipeline
uint32_t graphicQueueFamilyIndex;
int i = 0;
for (const auto& family : _queueFamilyProps)
// Check if the family has queues and that are Graphical and not Computational queues.
if (family.queueCount > 0 && family.queueFlags & VK_QUEUE_GRAPHICS_BIT)
graphicQueueFamilyIndex = i; //Found the family, record its index

// Step 2 - Get physical device features
vkGetPhysicalDeviceFeatures(vkPhyDevice, &deviceFeatures);
VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures enabledFeatures = {VK_FALSE};
enabledFeatures.samplerAnisotropy = deviceFeatures.samplerAnisotropy;
enabledFeatures.shaderSampledImageArrayDynamicIndexing = deviceFeatures.shaderSampledImageArrayDynamicIndexing;
enabledFeatures.depthClamp = VK_TRUE;
enabledFeatures.sampleRateShading = VK_TRUE;
enabledFeatures.wideLines = VK_TRUE; //MoltenVK (via Metal API) does not support line width

// Step 3 - Create the logical device
float queuePriorities[1] = { 0.0f };
VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo queueCreateInfo
nullptr, //pNext
0, //flags
graphicQueueFamilyIndex, //queueFamilyIndex
1, //queueCount
queuePriorities //pQueuePriorities
std::vector<const char *> extensionNames { VK_KHR_SWAPCHAIN_EXTENSION_NAME };
VkDeviceCreateInfo deviceInfo
nullptr, //pNext
0, //flags
1, //queueCreateInfoCount
&queueCreateInfo, //pQueueCreateInfos
0, //enabledLayerCount
nullptr, //ppEnabledLayerNames
(uint32_t)extensionNames.size(), //enabledExtensionCount, //ppEnabledExtensionNames
&enabledFeatures //pEnabledFeatures
VK_ASSERT(vkCreateDevice(vkPhyDevice, &deviceInfo, nullptr, &vkDevice
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