Line Strip on Amlogic S905x


I have encountered a weird drawing artifact on Amlogic S905x. I am drawing a line strip (GL_LINE_STRIP) with the following point coordinates (x, y):

-0.5,  0.0
 0.0,  0.5
 0.5,  0.0
 0.0, -0.5

The issue is the lines do not converge at the same pixel. Is it a known issue?
Here is the screenshot:
line strip
- Greg
  • Hi Greg, 

    We've definitely had bug reports related to line rendering rasterization precision on the Mali-400 series products in the past, so I suspect this will be a known issue. There have been many improvements to this part of the GPU in more recent Mali hardware designs.

    In terms of a workaround, triangle rasterization is much more reliable so the recommended approach to avoid this is to covert each line segment into two triangles.

    Kind regards,